July 2021 Update

The great news is Westgate Community Centre has given approval for Brickineers camps for the weeks of August 9th and August 16th!
Our prices have gone up this year partly because we have replaced most of the equipment with newer models. Our camps are still well worth it considering that every child has a workstation and we never have more than eight kids! Our registration cost is only $59 more than the U of C after GST – it’s like comparing Sushi to a Big Mac! 
We were very busy during the lockdown; all of the Lego robotics equipment was replaced with Bluetooth enabled Powered Up Hubs and Powered Up Smart Motors. Programming is now exact and not based on guesses, hunches and repeated trial and error. It’s a major step forward into the real world of engineering automation. Our camps will be even more amazing than ever before because of the capabilities of the new equipment!


We hope to build with you soon.

Michael and Wolly Barabash, MEd, BEng, BSc



For any inquiries please email