August 6, 2021 Update

Unfortunately the camps for August at the Westgate Community Centre have been cancelled due to low interest.
It is understandable that parents are still leery to put their children in indoor camps this summer. Brickineers has never cancelled two camps in a summer before and we hope that next year will be different.

Brickineers is negotiating with two community centres, one in North Central and one in South West Calgary, for space to hold after school or weekend classes. As community centre board members are on vacation we have to wait until September for the final details and approvals.

Please look us up in September for details with respect to classes and Winter camps. 

We were very busy during the lockdown; all of the Lego robotics equipment was replaced with Bluetooth enabled Powered Up Hubs and Powered Up Smart Motors. Programming is now exact and not based on guesses, hunches and repeated trial and error. It’s a major step forward into the real world of engineering automation. Our camps will be even more amazing than ever before because of the capabilities of the new equipment!

We hope to build with you soon.

Michael and Wolly Barabash, MEd, BEng, BSc


For any inquiries please email