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September Update

Thank you for visiting the site. Unfortunately Stage 3 was not reached this summer so we had no camps. I know many of my regular campers were very disappointed, as was Michael.

We have been recently reorganizing our boxes of parts for winter storage. Those of you who have been to our camps know how many parts we have, and we still had to disassemble builds from our winter camps. While filling our boxes, Michael cheerfully declared that he has new ideas for next year’s Spaceport camps, and he is looking forward to trying them out. That made me smile and surprised me as well. Despite all of the negativity that he has faced this year, which is a large part of his short young life, he still has confidence in the future and is planning for better times.

Many children have become accustomed to the gloom and doom and some are now under medical care. To think that these camps, that we have hosted for five years, have protected Michael in some way, has made me pause and think about the reasons why. My guess is that building robots and structures for themed camps, with other children, has impacted him greatly. The camaraderie and fun sharing builds, and creating adventures together with other like minded children, has carried him through the pandemic and has given him something to hope for. Of all the things that he could look forward to, he looks forward to Brickineers camps the most. Wow, that is humbling. I wasn’t sure I was even going to offer more camps in the future. Organizing robotics camps are an incredible amount of work with very limited compensation, as most of the funds were spent on hall rental and parts. However, his enthusiasm for a camp that he has been a part of for the past five years, will carry us for another few years, so I will continue to host camps in the near future. Please revisit this website for summer camp announcements in the New Year.

Even though Michael is now in Grade 8, we will host camps for younger children and we look forward to reconnecting with our young regulars, who enjoy the activities as much as we do.

Winter Camps

I was not planning on having winter break camps, however, if the virus can be contained sufficiently and community centres able to rent again, then I would be happy to do so. Michael is probably not the only child that has hopes for these camps and it’s worth a try.

Please revisit this site in November to see if we will have a camp.

January Classes

I am working on developing robotics and programming courses that can be done on line, over ZOOM. I am not happy with the standard format and am exploring options to make the experience more interactive.

Please visit the website in December for an update.