Brickineers will soon be accepting applications for small summer camps from Ukrainian Refugee Children.

Note: past participants in Brickineers camps can email their interest and we may be able to work out attendance so that refugee children can play alongside Canadian children. Only past participants will be accepted, special consideration will be given to children that have attended 3 or more of our camps because they ‘know the ropes’ can can be of great help.
The camps will be of two varieties: (a) in late June and part of July, a ‘very ‘ small camp for two participants to take place in the back yard under an outside canopy. (b) larger camps for young children, 8 children per camp, site to be determined. The “larger camps”  will most likely take place in a church as community centres in Calgary have boards that are just too demanding and too difficult to deal with.
The first few weeks of summer, beginning in late June will be open to only two boys or girls with Grade 9 or higher education. The camps will require a level of math skills that include single variable equations and right angle triangles at a minimum. We will be learning the Python programming language and use Lego Powered Up Bluetooth Hubs to control motors and sensors. As we learn Python and how to use robots we will also learn to use CAD to make instructions and design or modify robots for children to use. This will be intense and focused, and a lot of work will be demanded so that we can learn as much as possible within three weeks. The two boys or girls that spent time learning Python will volunteer to apply their new knowledge to assist the camps for younger children in the succeeding weeks in July and August.  


Sometime in late July and for a few weeks in August, we will host camps for younger children. It is possible to hold the camps in a more formal area, yet to be determined. There is enough equipment for camps of 8 children and usually there is a morning and an afternoon camp that are separate.
Since it is summer and the hubs are Bluetooth powered, we can also investigate how to make small vehicles that can be used for races or power competitions outdoors. In the past children at Brickineers camps tried to make robot cars run up smooth playground slides or cardboard ramps and even mazes. It’s been a lot of fun and very educational.
What to do now?

Teens that have Grade 9 or better science and math can email their interest to Important details such as computer knowledge and relevant skill should be included.
Other interested parents can email their interest so that we can plan ahead.
Michael and Wolly Barabash, MEd, BEng, BSc

For any inquiries please email