Escape Rooms - Robot Style! Aug 16-20, Full Days


Escape Rooms – Robot Style!

Robotics Camp for Grades 5 to 9.
Location: Westgate Community Centre: 4943 8 AVE SW.
Dates: August 16 -20, full days 9 AM to 4 PM.
Early drop-off at 8:30 AM and late pickup at 5:00 PM. For other accommodations please ask.
Children will help sort parts and arrange the builds while waiting for pickup to prepare for the next day.
*Note: Interac payments will receive a 5% discount refund. Please use for Interac.

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Escape Rooms – Robot Style!
Robotics Camp for Grades 5 to 9
Location: Westgate Community Centre
Dates: August 16 -20, Full Days

Love puzzles? Like Escape Room games? Well, we have the camp for you! Two years ago we hosted a world-first Robot Escape Room Camp at Westgate and it was a great success. Everyone was so sad on the last day when it was over. The concept is: we build puzzles and tasks that robots have to complete in order to exit the ‘Escape Room’. The puzzles and tasks are usually controlled by Hubs and Motors and use Sensors to detect actions or events. For example, one puzzle may involve presenting a sequence of coloured blocks to a colour detector. When the correct sequence is presented within a certain amount of time, a gate opens and an article that gives a clue to the next puzzle is retrieved by a robot. One robot has a manipulator for blocks, another robot has a long claw that is used to retrieve the clues. There are pressure plates, mechanical puzzles, and image puzzles etc. The options are limitless! Not all mechanisms are electronic! It’s a design challenge.

We will use Visual RobotC to program VEX robotics hubs, and we will control VEX IQ Robots using hand controllers in tandem with programs to accomplish the tasks. We will use VEX or LEGO Bluetooth Powered Up Hubs and Smart Motors and Sensors to make the puzzles automated. Hard!? You bet it will be hard. It will be the hardest camp you will ever attend because you have to be creative and engage in groupthink to create, make and program puzzles and robots! The ideas will be yours and the implementation will be complicated. Based on our previous camp, we can give suggestions for puzzles, but in the final analysis, this camp is for exercising independent thinking and gaining the confidence to be good designers and programmers. There will be many failures and a few triumphs – but that’s engineering! Tinkering is required.

Camp size is restricted to a maximum of 8, and it may change to a maximum of 6 depending on the pandemic distance rules.