Outerworld Mining Rebooted! Aug 9-13, PM


Outerworld Mining Rebooted!

Robotics Camps* for Grades 3** to  8.
Location: Westgate Community Centre: 4943 8 AVE SW.
Dates: August 9 -13, mornings, 1/2 day camp. 1 PM to 4 PM.
Early drop-off 12:30 PM. For other accommodations please ask.
If matched with morning class lunchtime is monitored for no extra cost. Late pickup is 5 PM. Children who stay past 4 PM will help sort parts and arrange the builds to prepare for the next day.
Note: Interac payments will receive a 5% discount refund. Please use brickineers@gmail.com for Interac.
Children who completed Grades 3 and 4 are recommended to study ratios, circles, and the right-angle triangle by completing worksheets.

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Outerworld Mining Rebooted!
Robotics Camps for Grades 3 to  8.
Location: Westgate Community Centre
Dates: August 9 -13, afternoons.

We have rebooted the Outerworld Mining theme with new Technic Bluetooth Hubs and Smart Motors. We will still use the Power Functions Conveyor Belts and the Sorting Machine to sort the ore, however, all other builds such as the MIghty Crane, Robot Arms, and Trucks will use the new Bluetooth Technic Hubs and Powered Up Smart Motors. The trains will run using the new Powered Up Train Motors and Bluetooth Remotes. The Outerworld Mine will include a Space Transport Lift Pad and a Space Camp for the workers. We will program the Hubs using the Powered Up Apps and, if time permits, we will begin Python programming. If we don’t get to the Python programming in the camp don’t worry! Your child can attend our Python programming classes in the fall where we will continue to have fun controlling these excellent Hubs and Smart Motors.

Even if your child has already completed an Outerworlds Mining camp before, this camp will be more challenging and fun as familiar bots are transformed and controlled by Bluetooth Apps and Smart Motors whose angles are precisely controlled. No more guesses!

Camp size is restricted to a maximum of 8, and it may change to a maximum of 6 depending on the pandemic distance rules.

At the end of the camp, children and parents will receive information on how to obtain the parts required to create at-home robotics kits using these amazing Lego Hubs and new Smart Motors. Outerworld Mining Rebooted will be an amazing experience.