ZOOBOTS Rebooted! Aug 9-13, AM


ZOOBOTS Rebooted! Robotics Camp for Grades 3* to  8.

Location: Westgate Community Centre: 4943 8 AVE SW.
Dates: August 9 -13, mornings, 1/2 day camp. 9 AM to 12 PM.
Early drop-off 8:30 AM. For other accommodations please ask.
If matched with afternoon class lunchtime is monitored for no extra cost.

Note: Interac payments will receive a 5% discount refund. Please use brickineers@gmail.com for Interac.
*Children who completed Grades 3 and 4 are recommended to study ratios, circles, and the right-angle triangle by completing worksheets.  They will be provided with all the information necessary to make their robots work in any eventuality.

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ZOOBOTS Rebooted! Robotics Camps for Grades 3 to  8.
Location: Westgate Community Centre
Dates: August 9 -13, mornings.

We have rebooted the Zoobots theme with new Technic Bluetooth Hubs and Smart Motors. Some Zoobots are now on wheels! The Hungry Alligator and Dangerous Scorpion are now able to hunt for their prey! Yikes! The walking Gorilla and other past favourites have also been re-imagined and fused with technic liftarms and pins to make them stronger and faster. Zoobots will be programmed using the Powered Up App.

Even if your child has already completed a Zoobots camp, this camp will be more challenging and fun as familiar bots are transformed and controlled by Bluetooth Apps and Smart Motors.

Camp size is restricted to a maximum of 8, and it may change to a maximum of 6 depending on the pandemic distance rules.

At the end of the camp, children and parents will receive information on how to obtain the parts to create at-home robotics kits using these amazing Lego Hubs and new Motors. Zoobots rebooted, an amazing experience.