Special Needs

We are unable to accommodate children with special needs that require extra attention or children with behavioral issues that would interrupt the daily activities of the camps. Children with mild ADHD whose behaviour is not disruptive in a classroom situation and who do not require close supervision are welcome. We have had many children attend our camps with mild ADHD who excelled in robotics and programming. We are not trained nor do we have resources to accommodate special needs or children who may exhibit disruptive or aggressive behaviour or who require close supervision.

A parent of a child who compromises the safety of another child, or who is aggressive, or disruptive in the camp will be asked to come immediately to take the child home if and when they exhibit any of these behaviours. For the safety of the other children, the aggressive or disruptive child will not be allowed to return. We do not have the resources of the school system and we hope you can find a suitable camp elsewhere should your child need special care and attention, or has behavioural issues that can affect a classroom situation.